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Our Company

Stories connect us. From a young age we are exposed to all sorts of stories; ones that help teach us important lessons, ones that show us fanciful worlds and most of all show us that we’re never alone. We all have our favorite stories that have defined important times in our lives and bring us immense joy (no matter how many times we read it).

Thornfield Hall Designs is about more than just selling bookish gifts. We are on a mission to create that perfect item that showcases your favorite author, quote, book, song, composer, etc. We’re here to show the world that being a little nerdy (okay a lot nerdy) is okay and there are others out there that share the same feeling. What’s more fun than finding out someone loves the same things as you do - as much as you do!? It’s nerdy bliss.

What began as a creative outlet for a young mom putting her favorite classic literature quotes of tees, has grown into something so much more. We are proud of what Thornfield Hall Designs has become in 7 years and are excited for the future.

As we move forward we are focused on creating new designs from more classic authors, poets, composers and historical figures. We are also adding a men’s and children’s line so the entire family can showoff their nerdish ways.

"We're all stories in the end"

- Doctor Who (Eleventh Doctor)


Proudly based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Thornfield Hall Designs gets it name from Charolette Bronte's novel Jane Eyre.

The Team

Slaying Writer's Block & Writing at the Bar


Resident Bookworm | Writer | Designer

Writer, designer, dreamer, and overall creative, Samantha enjoys ruffling a few feathers with the unexpected. She is committed to seeking inspiration in unlikely places to bring about engaging design, generate conversation, and spark new ideas.

Samantha is THD's resident bookworm and brings amazing knowledge of everything literature. She is responsible for many designs like the Lenore, the Wuthering Woman and the beloved Frankenstein Fearless graphic.

Sarah Perry | Thornfield Hall Designs


Music Lover | Marketer | Designer

A marketing consultant by day, Sarah is very familiar with taming the chaos that comes with promoting a company. She also loves escaping into the design world and creating items for THD. Some of her designs are the Diane Wreath and the Alice in Wonderland Flamingo.

Sarah loves seeing people get excited about the classics and is driven to keep expanding THD's reach. Her ultimate goal is to have turn THD into a familiar and beloved brand.

Jaxson Perry | Thornfield Hall Design


Stress Management | Customer Support

Every company needs great support and that is what Jaxson provides to Samantha and Sarah. While he can be a big distraction at times with his constant need to be the center of attention, he is an expert at maintaining low stress levels in the office. 

Jaxson is focused on quality and if a design or product doesn't get his tail wagging it doesn't get pushed through. Dedicated to his mission, he keeps the team driven to create great products.