Our Company

Nestled in the foothills of the majestic Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Thornfield Hall Designs was started by our founder, Katie, in late 2012 who had a passion for reading and wanted a way to share that with the world. Eagerly, she began creating book shirts with excerpts from her favorite book quotes with handmade screens. Thornfield became her baby with lots of trial and error. To her amazement, the book shirts started selling and being adored by fellow book lovers. Since giving hope and love to Jane Eyre, Thornfield Hall had discovered a new life and dream to house with Katie's creations. It has become a community for literature lovers to share their adoration for the classics and encourage readers to keep the love of books alive and thriving with book clubs and other special events.

After growing Thornfield into a well-loved and followed brand, Katie made the hard decision that it was time to focus on her family and find someone new to continue this amazing company.

In the spring of 2017, the company was officially handed over to Sarah and Samantha to breathe new life into Thornfield.

What began as a creative outlet for a young mom to make beautiful and inspiring literary gifts, has grown into a robust community of book lovers across the world who continue to share and inspire each other.

Thornfield Hall Designs is about more than just selling interesting book lover gifts. We are on a mission to provide every book (and vintage!) enthusiast the opportunity to choose timeless fashions that stay true to the essence of each beloved story. We believe books bring a kind of happiness that transcends through all the trials and tribulations of life to help anyone through their darkest days. We also feel that each original design should showcase your love for a story while not screaming it from a rooftop… unless that’s your thing and we totally stand by you. ;D

We pay particular attention and care to all the varying body types, and we honor those differences with designs fit for anyone. Thornfield Hall Designs' commitment to quality, customer care, and integrity in all that we do has allowed us to continue to grow each year and we attribute that to our amazing community. Thank you.


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