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We hold the classics near and dear to our hearts. Every line transports us to another time, a precious memory or guides us to dream BIG! Authors from all walks of life have inspired us to crack open a spine EXPLORE! 

Thornfield Hall invites you to do just that. Explore your inner bookworm. Share your passion and love for reading while looking extra amazing in your Thornfield literary t shirt or book scarf.


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Thornfield's Sam not only creates beautiful designs for book lover, but she's an avid writer and reader with a thing or two to say about the literary world.

Sam discusses overcoming writer's block, the latest author offerings, millennials, time travel, bibliophile quirks, and vampires!

Five Beloved Poems That Will Open the Doors of Perception
By Samantha Sierra

We crank it up and belt it out in our cars when we think no one is listening. Some of us retreat to a place of peace to let skeletons out of the closet. Or, we share it with the world in hopes to reach out and connect. Poetry is powerful! It is the lifeblood…

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How Millennials Are Reviving Our Libraries
By Samantha Sierra

No generation has received more flack since the Generation Xers or even the Boomers than  Millennials. Millennials are all about technology, safety, efficiency, and are often labeled as entitled and narcissistic due to their dependence on technology. Despite all the controversy surrounding millennials, they are saving our libraries!!!   According to the latest Pew Research…

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11 Vows to Protect Your Books and Friendships From Destruction
By Samantha Sierra

Dog-eared pages, cracked spines, coffee spills, and late fees. Are you apprehensive about sharing your books? For a self proclaimed bookworm or bibliotaph, there are so many things to irritate and annoy when it comes to our precious books. We want our books accessible, whole, and unblemished because they have evolved to be so much…

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Falling in Love with the Unexpected and Fascinating Haruki Murakami
By Samantha Sierra

“When I am writing, I do not distinguish between the natural and supernatural. Everything seems real. That is my world, you could say.” — Haruki Murakami   Murakami invites you to daydream. Indulge in the what ifs and distractions that almost or would never come to be. He encourages you to discover a personal truth through…

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5 Amazing Books that Guided Me to Adulthood
By Samantha Sierra

New year, new beginnings. However, the New Year demands reflection to move towards the next chapter of our lives. Because of this, I found myself standing in front of an old friend, my refuge on a rainy day, my bookcase.   My fingertips glide from one spine to the next as my eyes scan each…

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Thornfield Hall's love of literature has been the driving force to design amazing book shirts, literary scarves, and other book lover gifts since 2013. Each charming design is hand-crafted with close attention to quality. The intricate embellishments and detailed accents make each piece completely unique, while creating an entire collection of timeless designs for all generations to enjoy.